TEAM Program 2017

Today was the first day of Term 1. It was so lovely to see everyone!

 We were introduced to Class Dojo. You may ask what is Class Dojo? We are here to explain it to you.

 Here goes … Class Dojo helps teachers positively encourage students in class. Today we discussed the skills we want to work positively too. We had a conversation about why the chosen skills will help everyone have a successful school year in 2/3K. For each ‘positive skill’ shown students receive Class Dojo points for them but if they demonstrate a ‘needs work skill’ they will lose Class Dojo points.


When we work together as a team, we will receive whole class points, so we can work towards a class goal.


We have table points which help encourage us with teamwork. When we work together with our table buddies we will receive table points for different skills.

 Class Dojo is used to:

 •Encourage any skill, rule, behaviour or school value

 •Encourage students with positive feedback. It awards students with feedback for skills like “Working hard”, “Showing growth mindset”

 •Encourage students with areas to work on example, “Put your hand up instead of calling out”, “Not on task”

This is the screen that students get to see throughout the day with their points. Each student has a monster avatar.


What do you like about Class Dojo?

What was something you learnt about today?

2 thoughts on “TEAM Program 2017

  1. What i like about class dojo is that we get points. And after we get 50 points we get to pick something as a class team.

    Today I learned more about thrass.

    • Hi Billy,

      I am glad you are enjoying Classdojo. I really like that everyone is trying really hard not to break our classroom rules and working together as a team.

      I am especially excited that you feel you have learnt more about THRASS. I am looking forward to teaching you heaps of THRASS games and how to use the chart in spelling, writing and reading.

      Miss Kotlarewski

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