Inquiry – Diorama’s

In Inquiry, we have been learning about the three climate zones (Hot, Temperate and Polar). We have learnt some interesting facts that we will be adding to our diorama projects. We have selected two climate zones each and now beginning to compare them with one another. We have made a start of our dioramas with a painting and printing lesson. This week will started placing materials inside our diorama’s. We started on the flooring, vegetation and animals that live in our climate zones. We will continue researching and adding to our dioramas next week.


Inquiry Term 3 on PhotoPeach

What has been your favourite thing about this project?
What new facts have you learnt?

One thought on “Inquiry – Diorama’s

  1. Hi Miss K I really miss we making our “Diorama”
    We would make a big mess but clean it as it was
    The thing I really miss is how we helped each other.

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