Inquiry – Diorama’s

In Inquiry, we have been learning about the three climate zones (Hot, Temperate and Polar). We have learnt some interesting facts that we will be adding to our diorama projects. We have selected two climate zones each and now beginning to compare them with one another. We have made a start of our dioramas with a painting and printing lesson. This week will started placing materials inside our diorama’s. We started on the flooring, vegetation and animals that live in our climate zones. We will continue researching and adding to our dioramas next week.


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What has been your favourite thing about this project?
What new facts have you learnt?


Under the trees: Exploring

Today for Inquiry we headed outside to explore our school ground, paying attention to under the trees. Miss Kotlarewski asked us to go and select a tree in our yard that we wanted to explore. We were given a worksheet which we needed to find things listed on it. We could either draw or write what we found under our trees in the boxes provided on the worksheet.

We had to find something eaten by an animal, an animal that would live under this tree, something from a plant, something that was non-living and something that we thought was special about this tree. We had so much fun exploring the different trees and hearing everyone’s findings as we were all looking at different trees in the school yard.


Here are some of our answers:


AN ANIMAL = worms, ants, caterpillars

SOMETHING FROM A PLANT = flower, pine needles, weed

SOMETHING THAT WAS NON-LIVING = rocks, dirt, sticks, rubbish

SOMETHING THAT WE THOUGHT WAS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS TREE = the roots wrapped around in different shapes, a tree was separate from all the other trees, a family of caterpillars, holes in the dirt


Some pictures to show us working hard at collecting our data:

IMG_0956 IMG_0964 IMG_0963 IMG_0962 IMG_0961 IMG_0959 IMG_0958 IMG_0957



What other things do you think you would find under trees in your backyard?

Why do you think things live under trees?

How are trees important to our environment?


Aboriginal Narratives

Students  have been working on learning about Aboriginal culture within Inquiry. We have studied about how Aboriginals used symbols and paintings to tell stories. Students were given the opportunity to create their own dreamtime story and paint a picture that would display what is happening in their story with the use of Aboriginal symbols.

Here are photos of the students painting their pictures:

IMG_9725 IMG_9724 IMG_9723 IMG_9722 IMG_9721 IMG_9720 IMG_9719 IMG_9718 IMG_9717 IMG_9716 IMG_9715

Every student worked very hard at completing their paintings and stories.


What was your favourite part of this unit?


Diorama Walk Through

Students have been creating Convict Diorama’s based on convict life. Students had to do an oral presentation to their peers and family members in our classroom. We then decided it would be a great idea to have a Diorama Walk Through where we invited the Grade 5/6’s to come and visit our diorama’s and see all our hard work.

The morning was a great success with students getting a variety of positive feedback from several students. Every student was confident and proud to share their experiences of making the diorama’s, explaining their scene and how they put their diorama’s all together.

Well Done 3/4K!

Diorama Walk Through on PhotoPeach


Diorama Homework Project

Students of 3/4K received their Term 4 Homework Research Project today

This is the handout they received:


GRADE 3/4 TERM 4 2014

This term we have been looking at how Australia became a country. You project this term will focus on the first ‘white’ Australians.

You need to make a diorama or a 3D model showing convict life in Australia in the late 1800’s. You may like to use paper, cardboard, plasticine or even dolls (try to be creative)

Your project must include;

  • A display of how people dressed
  • The environment they lived in
  • How they worked
  • How they survived eg: foods they ate, shelter, family.
  • A short description of your model stuck somewhere to your project


You will need to present your project with a 2-3 minute oral report about how your project was made and who is shown in your project.


Remember it is important to research facts about convicts and early Australia so your project looks like a true representation.

Your project is due before THURSDAY 20th of November (3 weeks)

Please see your teacher if you need any supplies or help finding information.

Good luck and have fun being CREATIVE!

Here are some examples of other students diorama’s:

Georgia S diorama (4) James p dioramas (3) ZAHRA DIORAMA (2)





Keep an eye out for pictures of students final products in 3 weeks time!


Here they are …

Grade 3/4K Students Diorama’s on PhotoPeach



This Term 3/4K have been learning a lot about convicts!

This is one of the video we watched in class. It was really interesting!

Located: Youtube

How would you feel if you were a convict?


3/4s Billycart Derby and Auction

Rendered Image

After a busy and very exciting Inquiry Unit of learning about and making Billycarts, the Grade 3/4s were finally able to test out their Billycarts in action.

We headed down to the School Car Park were we set up lanes with cones to line up our Billycarts and race each other. The parents, grandparents and friends who helped us out throughout the unit of work came to watch and support us. There were lots of families involved in supporting us today with the Derby. They were even our barriers to stop us from rolling further down the hill in our Billycarts once we crossed the FINISH line.

Once we had tested out our Billycarts the whole school came down to watch the race and cheer us on. What a FANTASTIC AFTERNOON!

Ned took out the title and WON the race. Congratulations.

Now that the race was over it was time for our AUCTION. Each Billycart group got to Auction off their Billycart to students, parents, friends and families. Thank you to those families who bid on the Billycarts. Cooper, Tayla, Saige, Ned, Jack, Adele, Mark, Ebony, Jake and Edward all bid the highest and got a Billycart. Have a great time on the holidays with your Billycarts guys.

We ended the day with Thank you cards and certificates.

Another BIG Thank you to everyone who has helped out, donated materials and supplied us with equipment and tools.

We really appreciated it.

Billycart Race and Auction on PhotoPeach

What was your highlight of the Inquiry Unit – Billycarts?

What was your favourite part of the race?


First Aid Training

Rendered Image

On Monday 8th of September we had St Johns come out for a visit. They trained us in how to help someone in an emergency and what we need to do to make this safe for ourselves, others around us and the person injured.

We all got an emergency card to put near our phone at home in case we need to call 000 for an emergency.

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