Growth Mindset

We have been learning a lot about ‘Growth Mindset’ and revisiting our prior knowledge of the topic. Each day we watch a growth mindset video and participate in class discussions  and activities and link what we have observed in the videos to our own experiences.

So far we have watched:

Mindset video: Chapter 1  Title: Your brain is like a muscle (An introduction to Mojo and why he wants to run away from his problems.)

Mindset video: Chapter 2   Title: The magic of mistakes (Mojo enters a robotics competition and wins an unexpected lesson in the magic of mistakes.) We talked about when we make mistakes and how we feel.






Mindset video: Chapter 3  Title: The incredible power of yet (Katie discovers the incredible power of yet from an unexpected source.)  We looked at a time that you were afraid to ask for help. Why did you feel afraid?

Mindset video: Chapter 4  Title: The Mysterious world of neurons (Katie leads Mojo on a journey to learn from the secrets of the brain from a mysterious guru.) We talked about what are neurons and how do we make connections between our neurons.

Mindset video: Chapter 5  Title: Mojo Puts it all together (Mojo reflects on the meaning of ‘your brain is like a muscle’ after a setback) We looked at what does it feel like when something is too challenging? Is it wrong that we feel this way? What kind of attitude should we take on when facing a challenge, and why is that important?

Today’s growth mindset task was to ask students to get into groups of four with the goal of recreating a paper structure using only 1 sheet of A4 paper and 1 pair of scissors.

There were only two rules:

  1. Students must complete the activity in 10 minutes using only one sheet of paper and scissors
  2. Working together is encouraged, but don’t shout out the answer to other groups when you figure it out

I walked around the groups while students were attempting to create a paper structure, and listened to their mindset language and challenges they were facing.

Here are some photos:


Share something new that you have discovered about Growth Mindset?


TEAM Program 2018

Over the past week, we have been participating in the TEAM program. TEAM stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. We have been involved in many different tasks that involve team work, using our growth mindset, creating classroom rules, start and end of day procedures, values and job roles.

Here is a photo of all our members:

In 3/4K there are 13 boys and 10 girls. We have many students interested in birds, nature, adventure, sports, rocks and drawing.



What has been the most enjoyable part of TEAM?

What has been the most challenging part of TEAM?


Welcome to 3/4K Classroom Blog

Welcome back to a new school year for 2018!  Our classroom blog has been updated.

I look forward to hearing all your holiday stories on Wednesday 31st January. I wonder if you can guess what our classroom theme is?


What are you looking forward to this year?

List something that you would like to learn about?


Grade 2/3K have some exciting news!

Grade 2/3K have some exciting news!

We have 4 new members in our classroom. Drum roll … … …. We have class pet spiny stick insects!

Miss K had a mystery box sitting at the back of the classroom which was covered. She told us in the morning that it was a mystery and we had until recess to provide guesses as to what we thought she had in the mystery box.

Here are some of our guesses:

 What’s in the box?

Oliver – prizes

Heather – Monsters

Chase – dinosaur

Jo – growing eggs, balloons or seeds

Billy –Mickey Mouse, plants

Isabella – chocolate

Sinead – lollies, toys

Lucas – sport equipment

Shae-maree –story books

Shanina – laminating sheets

Thomas – dinosaur toys

Mikaela –prizes

Yuvaan – information sheets

Simon – Art supplies

 It was nearly recess and we were very excited for the reveal of the mystery box. Miss K asked us to sit in a circle and she brought the mystery box over still with its cover hiding what was beneath. What could it be, we were all wondering?

All of a sudden Miss K announced that one person guessed plants. She stated that the things in the mystery box needed plants to live. Now we were extremely excited and hands flew up in the air. We all started guessing different animals such as lizards, baby turtles and even a pet rock. Miss K revealed the cover and underneath was an enclosure with gum leafs in it. Someone yelled out “There are no animals in it, you are tricking us”. Miss K responded “Look very careful at the leaves and branches.”









Something moved on one of the leaves, we looked closely. Oh my goodness we could see 4 spiny leaf insects. We have a baby one, two middle size one and the bigger one is about 3 months old.














To our surprise the big one had something attached to its leg. Miss K explained to us that in the morning when she went to have her breakfast she saw the big spiny leaf insect shredding from its old skin. She explained that they do this about 5 times in their life to help them grow bigger.










What an adventure! This all happened before recess.


2/3K Students and Miss Kotlarewski



What do you know about Spiny leaf insects?

How did it feel to you when they were walking over you?


TEAM Program 2017

Today was the first day of Term 1. It was so lovely to see everyone!

 We were introduced to Class Dojo. You may ask what is Class Dojo? We are here to explain it to you.

 Here goes … Class Dojo helps teachers positively encourage students in class. Today we discussed the skills we want to work positively too. We had a conversation about why the chosen skills will help everyone have a successful school year in 2/3K. For each ‘positive skill’ shown students receive Class Dojo points for them but if they demonstrate a ‘needs work skill’ they will lose Class Dojo points.


When we work together as a team, we will receive whole class points, so we can work towards a class goal.


We have table points which help encourage us with teamwork. When we work together with our table buddies we will receive table points for different skills.

 Class Dojo is used to:

 •Encourage any skill, rule, behaviour or school value

 •Encourage students with positive feedback. It awards students with feedback for skills like “Working hard”, “Showing growth mindset”

 •Encourage students with areas to work on example, “Put your hand up instead of calling out”, “Not on task”

This is the screen that students get to see throughout the day with their points. Each student has a monster avatar.


What do you like about Class Dojo?

What was something you learnt about today?


Welcome to 2/3K Blog

Welcome back to a new school year for 2017!  Our classroom blog has been updated.

I look forward to hearing all your holiday stories on Tuesday. I wonder if you can guess what our classroom theme is?


What are you looking forward to this year?

List something that you would like to learn about?


Week 2 TEAM Program

Wow, Week 2 was a blast. We enjoyed our TEAM Program.

Check out what we got up to during the week!

1.Making our Recipe for Success, Yummy!

 IMG_4679 IMG_4675 IMG_4673





2.Making our Owl’s – practising our cutting and pasting skills

IMG_4684 IMG_4688






3. Talking about working as a team and skills we need to do this. Students tracing over the letters/words. I love the concentration 🙂

IMG_4690 IMG_4692 IMG_4694 IMG_4693










4. Exploring the garden and experiencing our first time in the outdoor classroom.

IMG_4698 IMG_4697 IMG_4695





5. Number skills – matching the numbered pegs to the dots

IMG_4707 IMG_4704 IMG_4702






6. Team work challenge – Students were given pipe cleaners and foil. They had to work together in their group to make a theme and create objects for it.

Group 1: Car and home theme

Group 2: Space theme

Group 3: Fishing theme

Group 4: Friendship rings

IMG_4785 IMG_4782 IMG_4779 IMG_4778 IMG_4777 IMG_4772 IMG_4770 IMG_4769 IMG_4768













7. Sharing our Suitcase of Learning with our classmates.

IMG_4788 IMG_4790 IMG_4791 IMG_4792 IMG_4795 IMG_4801 IMG_4802


What did you enjoy doing in your classroom during the TEAM Program?