Procedure Writing

We had a go at following another procedure. This one was called ‘How to make a stress ball’. We used cornflour, water and balloons. This was an interesting experiment with stress balls exploding all over the room and outside. A lot of cleaning was involved by all!

What procedures have you followed at home?


Procedure – How to make a stress ball? on PhotoPeach


Barina the Pig

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce you to my brothers pet pig. Her name is Barina and she absolutely loves her tummy being rubbed and her head. Barina thinks all of your food scraps (fruit, vegetables and bread crust) are scrumptious. Apples are her favourite but sometimes she get sweets like banana bread and chocolate. Her mouth waters when she gets sweet potato as a food scrap.

Here is Barina eating her dinner:


Miss Kotlarewski


What are your favourite pieces of food?

Did you expect Barina to be this big?


Welcome to 2016 Foundation Kotlarewski Blog!

 Welcome to 2016!

I would like to welcome all students and family members to Foundation Kotlarewski, 2016. I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and getting ready to get started for what will be an amazing year with new adventures for each and every student in our Foundation Kotlarewski TEAM.

I am in the process of updating this classroom blog, so keep an eye out for new exciting posts, online educational games and learning tools that you can use with your children at home and important dates to keep in mind.

Enjoy the rest of your break 🙂

cat-relaxing-in-hammock              1413923547838


Friendship Day

Wow it is Friendship Day today at school. Today was a day to celebrate our friends and how they help us get through our day and the joy and love they bring to our life.
Our theme for the day was to dress up ‘Weird and Whacky’. There were many different costumes and ideas spread around the school.
We gathered in the morning in our school colour house groups and decorated recycled bike wheels with lots of different patterned fabrics. We also used recycled bottle tops to decorate large cut out animals to display around the school yard.
Our final activity was done in our classroom grades, we tied friendship ribbons with messages from the students around the wall on the oval to remind us how important our friends are and what they mean to us.

Lets look at what we got up to:

Friendship day blog from Sarah Kotlarewski on Vimeo.


What makes you a great friend?
what do you like to do with your friends?
What was your favourite part of the day?


Dental Program

We participated in a Dental Program this Term. We learnt about what different things we need to do to keep our teeth healthy and clean. The ladies demonstrated how to brush our teeth to make sure we get every area in our mouth. They also informed us about different facts relating to our teeth.

Here are some pictures:

IMG_9582 IMG_9584 IMG_9592 IMG_9597 IMG_9600 IMG_9603 IMG_9606 IMG_9607



Why is it important we brush our teeth twice a day?

Why do we need to visit the dentist?




Today 3/4K had a visit from a special new friend called Michael. It was lovely to hear all about him, ask questions and pat him.

Thank you for the visit Michael

 IMG_6249 IMG_6248 IMG_6245 IMG_6243 IMG_6241 IMG_6236 IMG_6233 IMG_6229 IMG_6228 IMG_6227 IMG_6226


What would you do if you had a special friend like Michael?


Favourite Thing

Hi 3/4K,

What has been your most favourite thing this year so far?

I have two favourite things so far.

One would have to be watching and listening to you all present your homework projects to the class. You have demonstrated that you could research and produce very detailed presentations and knew what you very talking about showing your interest and excitement in talking about the country you researched.

My second thing would have to be doing the science experiments with you during Education week.

It was messy but fun!



Welcome to the 3/4K class blog.

This is an area where you can keep up to date with our learning and projects. We will post comments, pictures and slide shows about what we have been achieving.

We look forward to reading your comments and hope that you will visit often.


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