5 Piglets

Hey everyone,

Barina had 7 piglets but only 5 have survived. They love following their mother around the yard, snuggling together in the hay to sleep and love drinking milk from their mother. Barina has been an awesome mother looking after them and making sure they are ok.


Here are some photos:



The Cat in the Hat

What adventures will ‘The Cat in the Hat’ get up to on his weekends away?

 Our mascot ‘The Cat in the Hat’ has shared three weekends away so far. He spent his first weekend away with Miss Kotlarewski. ‘The Cat in the Hat’ got to play with Lola, watch a movie and go four wheel driving in the Jeep. He was exhausted.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

His second weekend away was spent with Tye and his family. ‘The Cat in the hat’ made friends with Tye’s dogs.

 I wonder how he felt hanging out with the dogs. If I were a cat I would like to order the dogs around and play tricks on them. How would you feel if you were a cat hanging out with dogs?

 ‘The Cat in the Hat’s’ next journey was a weekend away with Campbell and his family. ‘The Cat in the Hat’ spent time with Campbell helping him raise money for the Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids. What a great cause all funds go to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

We are looking forward to ‘The Cat in the Hat’ returning with Tayla after the holidays. I wonder what adventures they will get up to.

What do you think ‘The Cat in the Hat’ would be doing on his first holiday of the year with Tayla?


What adventures will ‘The Cat in the Hat’ get up to on his weekends away?

the cat in the hat
Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you that our 3/4K mascot for the year is ‘The Cat in the Hat’.

We have chosen him as our mascot as we feel he is a great role model at showing values of respect, co-operation, friendship and helping to support our environment.

‘The Cat in the Hat’ would love to visit your homes, go on adventures and spend some time with you. Each student will have the opportunity to take our mascot home on a Friday night to return on the Monday morning with tales of his weekend adventures.

Please record a summary of events in the workbook provided of ‘The Cat in the Hat’. Also feel free to take photos of him hanging out or draw a picture of him doing an activity for example, playing on the swings. These can also be added to the workbook.

I look forward to hearing about what ‘The Cat in the Hat’ gets up to. These adventures will be shared during class reflection.

Kind regards,
Miss Kotlarewski