How to post a comment

We would love you to share your thoughts with us by commenting on our blog posts. You can add a comment by clicking on the ‘comments’ link under the title of a post. Students can use in the box that asks for an email address.

It is important that we all be ‘cyber smart’ and stay safe online. To ensure this, everyone who visits and uses our blog is expected to follow the guidelines below:

1. Only use your first name

2. Keep all other personal information a secret

3. Do not reveal the identity of people in photographs

4. Parents and family friends of students in Foundation Kotlarewski (FK) are asked to use their first name only or to call themselves ______’s Mum/Dad etc.

5. All comments added to our blog will be read by Miss Kotlarewski before they are approved and appear on the blog.

6. Make sure you write a ‘quality’ comment. Quality comments have a beginning, middle and end. They relate to the post, share your experiences and often include a question for us to respond to.

Come and have fun blogging with us!



Tip so you don’t lose your comment …

1. Write your comment as normal.

2. Before you press “submit”, highlight all your text by putting your mouse in the comment box and pressing control A OR holding down your mouse button down and dragging it over all of your words.

3. Copy your text by right clicking and pressing copy OR pressing control C.

4. You don’t need to do anything else BUT if you lose your comment for some reason (internet crashes or you put in the wrong spam word) you won’t have lost your comment. You can just press paste (right mouse click – paste OR control V) and your comment will appear.