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Welcome back to a new school year for 2017!  Our classroom blog has been updated.

I look forward to hearing all your holiday stories on Tuesday. I wonder if you can guess what our classroom theme is?


What are you looking forward to this year?

List something that you would like to learn about?


How to hatch a lizard from an egg continued …

IMG_8775On Wednesday we started to see pieces of the egg laying in the bottom of the container and saw part of the lizard.


On Thursday the lizard had started to come out of the egg shell. We could see its head.

IMG_8778 IMG_8781

This morning (Friday) we arrived at school and saw that the whole lizard was out of the shell. Hopefully it will start growing bigger over the weekend.

IMG_8785 IMG_8786


How to hatch a lizard from an egg

We have started to look at procedures in Foundation K. This week we are learning how to hatch a lizard from an egg.

lizard%20egg[1]On Monday we needed to collect all the materials to start our procedure. We collected the egg in the box, a container and water.

We then sat in a circle and opened the box and got to feel the egg’s texture. Next we followed Miss K out to the staff room sink and watched her place the egg into the container and cover it in cold water. Miss K asked us lots of questions such as “Is the egg sinking or floating?”, “Why do you think bubbles are coming out of the egg?” We watched the water cover the egg and the bubbles that were coming out of the top of the egg. After that we went back into the classroom.

IMG_8670 IMG_8672 IMG_8673








In the classroom we talked about what parts of our procedure we have done and what we think we would see when we arrived at school on Tuesday morning. When we arrive at school today we started to see cracks in the egg shell.

IMG_8686 IMG_8679



I wonder what we will see tomorrow (Wednesday).


Bunnings Father’s Day Workshop

Foundation students have been very busy this week. On Monday after lunch we had a visit from Bunnings. We got to participate in a Father’s Day Workshop. We got to paint a special present for our dad’s.

We are not going to give away to many clues but here is a picture to keep you Dad’s out there guessing:

IMG_8690 IMG_8689



What do you think we could have been making/painting?


Responsible Pet Education Program

On Monday, Foundation students participated in ‘Responsible Pet Education Program’. The program educated the students on living safely with dogs and responsible pet ownership.

Jessica the educator and Marley her dog came to visit us.

During the interactive program students learnt when dogs should be left alone, things we should not do to dogs, how you can tell if a dog is happy, scared or angry, a safe way to approach and greet a dog and what to do if approached by an unknown or aggressive dog.

Here are some images of the day:






















Do you have a dog? What is its name?

What do you do to make your dog happy?


Foundation Dinner

Friday night the Foundation students enjoyed celebrating their Foundation Dinner at UPPS.
We started the night with everyone arriving at 6pm to create a crown fit for a prince or princess.































We then enjoyed eating Pizza’s and having cordial for dinner.











After dinner we watched a short Mickey Mouse and Pluto cartoon while eating icy poles.

IMG_8497 IMG_8499 IMG_8501 IMG_8504 IMG_8506 IMG_8509 IMG_8513 IMG_8514 IMG_8516 IMG_8517










Next we all played a game called ‘Bob and Statues’.

IMG_8522 IMG_8524





We then finished the night making our own grass heads for us to watch grow in the next couple of weeks. Our parents picked us up at 8pm.

IMG_5172 IMG_5173 IMG_5176 IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5180 IMG_5181 IMG_5182









Group Photo of Foundation K


What was your favourite part of the night?


UPPS Fun Run

Yesterday’s Fun Run was such a great event with all students participating in either running, walking, skipping or crawling on all fours. We ate lunch with family members before the big event and then joined in our house groups. Here are some pictures of the students in action:

IMG_8276 IMG_8277 IMG_8278 IMG_8279 IMG_8280 IMG_8282



















Fun Run begins:

IMG_8370 IMG_8365 IMG_8356 IMG_8354 IMG_8353 IMG_8352 IMG_8351 IMG_8347 IMG_8346 IMG_8344 IMG_8343 IMG_8341 IMG_8338 IMG_8335 IMG_8330

IMG_8326 IMG_8324 IMG_8320 IMG_8313 IMG_8310 IMG_8305


First Aid

Today we learnt all about First Aid.

Did you know that aid means help? We learnt about which situations are an emergency or a mum and dad problem. For example an argument with your brother or sister is a mum and dad problem, where as someone lying still on the floor is an emergency.

IMG_8229 IMG_8231






We learnt about how to check for Danger


We learnt about how to check for a Response. You need to look, listen and smell. Did you know that you can squeeze someone’s shoulders and the back of their neck to get a response?

IMG_8233IMG_8236 IMG_8237IMG_8238IMG_8239















We then learnt about what emergency number you need to call and what information you need to give the person on the other end of the phone.

IMG_8243We even got a certificate at the end of the course!


ICE Bird Bath experience

Wow Mr Frost visited us early in the morning today.

When Miss Kotlarewski arrived at school today she saw that everything was white. She investigated the grass area and came across our school bird bath. As she approached it closer she noticed that the bird bath water was frozen over and took a video to show her mum and students that she couldn’t put her finger in the water.

IMG_8062IMG_8066 IMG_8085IMG_8065






At 10am Miss Kotlarewski shared this news to the class. We then found a partner and headed towards the bird bath to see if the water was still frozen. When we got there we stood around the bird bath and used our eyes to investigate the water. Miss Kotlarewski asked us, “Do you think my finger will go straight into the water?” or “Do you think my finger will stay on top?” Most of the students answered with “Miss Kotlarewski’s finger will stay on top.”


We were so excited to see the results, Here we go ….

Miss Kotlarewski’s finger went straight in the water, she said “It was freezing!” We then noticed that there was still ice particles in the water. Miss Kotlarewski picked it up and shared it around so everyone could have a feel and hold. We talked about what it looked like and what it felt like.

IMG_8068 IMG_8079 IMG_8078 IMG_8077 IMG_8075






Miss Kotlarewski dug deeper into the bird bath, still saying “It is freezing!” and pulled out a large ring of ice. WOW!, Xavier told everyone that it was the same shape as the bird bath. We all got to hold this massive piece of ice.

We then placed the ice particles back into the water in the bird bath and returned to the classroom to write about our experience. Some students even got to put their computer typing skills to the test and publish their writing.


We LOVE spontaneous learning in Foundation K.


Miss Kotlarewski and Foundation K


Reptile Encounters

Wow what an amazing experience!

Today Foundation Kotlarewski and Phillips experienced a visit from Reptile Encounters. We learnt about Australian Reptiles in a hands-on show. We learnt about the weird and wonderful characteristics of Australian reptiles.

Everyone had the chance to interact with Sheryl the spinyleaf stick insect, Kermit and Miss Piggy the green tree frogs, Pancake the turtle, Russel the bob-tail lizard, Boof the frilled neck dragon lizard, Victor the python, Tiny the Olive Python (4metres long) and even Charlie the salt water crocodile.

Here are some images of our experience:

IMG_1498 IMG_1510 IMG_1526 IMG_1529 IMG_1535 IMG_1544

IMG_1547 IMG_1557 IMG_1561 IMG_1566 IMG_1598 IMG_1604 IMG_1612 IMG_1626 IMG_1644 IMG_1656






















What was your favourite reptile? Why?

What facts did you learn?